Vacation July 2018

Highlight 1: Lunch at the Hard Rock in Niagra Falls Ontario Canada! Food was good. Service was par for Niagra; seriously lacking.


Rainstorms, Crickets and whole of DGAFs!

Just another day in paradise chained to a tree with a fence or wall. One mistake away from a jumpsuit and a semi-private room.

  • work all week for the weekend
  • waste of time
  • wishful thinking
  • do that thing
  • feel you’re pointless
  • might as well rage
  • loss of concern

Live Free, but don’t expect me to pay for your adventure.

You see this photo above? Well I saved that plant from a 10 year old’s neglect, that pot from being thrown away because it’s cracked, that grass from dying every week after working for weeks to prepare its soil. I do care for things that can’t care for themselves. But people that acknowledge the unwillingness to correct their own wreckless behavior are on their own. Yes people need nurturing. But at somepoint the needs to take responsibility for their own actions and stop expecting to be hand fed their life. Grow the fuck up and fix your shit! If you can’t, then get over it and deal with you reality of existance. If you can’t find any joy in anything seek professional help, outside of your family and friends because chances are they’re in the same boat you are or are the cause.

Which Is Worse?

Which is worse, failing on your own or allowing others to set you up for failure? I wish people that insist on being “the leader of things” actually lead and guided instead pushing you out the door with the false pretense of freedom. Yeah, sit back and wait for others to fuck up or fail, with no guidence or solid plan. Oh, “just make it happen until you piss someone off. Then we’ll hang you and hold it against you.”

“Always Watching”, digital art, James Brynildsen