Natural Disasters

I was finally able to catch up on some news in the early morning. I watch a handful of YouTube video posts from Japan. Wow! That must have been terrifying.

In my region hurricanes are the worse we see as a major threat. But damn, the older i get the more serious I will heed warnings from authorities; the scientists not the politicians.

I sure hope more and more people do the same worldwide. And if not, well more for me and my fellow survivors.

After reading more, watching videos and seeing countless photos of the distruction via the tsunami I am humbled by the power of mother nature’s wrath.


Love as a Teenager


Probably the most learning of life we do until we have some real responsibilities will be “love as a teenager”.

It happens to us all, the inevitable heartbreak. I didn’t date a lot as a teen. You’d think it would have been less of a burden. But it wasn’t. It was more intense for a longer time.

My advice to any teenager starting to look for love is date often with a lot of different people. Get used to the whole hookup and breakup thing because it will make you stronger when dealing with the hardest part of love, the breakup.