End of Summer – saddest time of the year

It’s that time again when the days slowly get short and a little cooler. Being in Florida it’s a bit deflating when I only make it to the beach only once or twice. Sad is really the appropriate word.

When I was young it was an exciting time but still sad. A new year of school. New teachers and new friends to make always were exciting for me. But damn I hated seeing Summer end. The long days, sunshine, afternoon showers, what’s not to love when you’re young. Heat you say? That’s not a young person’s problem.

But now, yeah, the heat gets to at times. But damn, I’d still take it over a cold Winter.

Just knowing the days will be getting shorter
after the Summer Solstice sets saddness in motion. Ignorance is bliss I guess. Before we know it, The Season will be upin us, cold and miserable.

So so long my beloved Summer. I will be looking for you next year when I wish for more time outside in a pool or on the beach, with my beautiful wife and kids, as long as we can stand the sun and heat.