End of Summer – saddest time of the year

It’s that time again when the days slowly get short and a little cooler. Being in Florida it’s a bit deflating when I only make it to the beach only once or twice. Sad is really the appropriate word.

When I was young it was an exciting time but still sad. A new year of school. New teachers and new friends to make always were exciting for me. But damn I hated seeing Summer end. The long days, sunshine, afternoon showers, what’s not to love when you’re young. Heat you say? That’s not a young person’s problem.

But now, yeah, the heat gets to at times. But damn, I’d still take it over a cold Winter.

Just knowing the days will be getting shorter
after the Summer Solstice sets saddness in motion. Ignorance is bliss I guess. Before we know it, The Season will be upin us, cold and miserable.

So so long my beloved Summer. I will be looking for you next year when I wish for more time outside in a pool or on the beach, with my beautiful wife and kids, as long as we can stand the sun and heat.



May First

Hmmm… It’s May 1st already. As it worked out my wife and I had a great evening last night. The kids were away and well we enjoyed some time to ourselves. If you have kids you understand.

Yesterday was filled with work and play. Made water balloons for my 4 year old daughter to toss around our back yard. I even got some sun. She really enjoyed the water balloons. Then she took her nap, as did her mommy while I worked one of our PCs. So glad I finally fixed that old horse. Runs like a champ again. Now I can have fun assembling another box without any pressure.

So April 30th was a good day! I can honestly say a happy hello to May this year. In my past it has been the dreaded month with no personal rewards for hard work catching up since Christmas and no rest, none. Just lots of family obligations of birthdays and anniversaries.

They all good things to celebrate. However, it would consume the entire month at a time when I felt more like I do now, looking forward to beautiful relaxing weather and God forbid some me time. I know, crazy.

The one celebration still intact I like to remember is my mom and dad’s anniversary. Wow, how many years now? 55? So glad I can remember the date without remembering 30 others. Okay, I exagerate a little.

Either way, Happy May 1st!


The holiday that defines the whole religion, Easter. A rebirth of life, a new beginning and a sinner’s marter.

It’s the one real reminder in my opinion that holidays should and can mean something. But we will no doubt see post, tweet and blogs talking about zombies and myths.

Personally it’s okay with me. The fact that the did or did not occur doesnt matter. It was the effect on humanity that matters.

With all the insanity in the world, we cling to anything that will give us a happy ending.

Easter is humanity’s happy ending.