Why is ot when I wake up in the middle if the night I move around the house like a criminal yet others think it’s perfectly fine to act like it’s Saturday afternoon?


Sleep, Why Bother?

Why is it so difficult to sleep. Well, my body wakes up too soon to pee, burdens and fears of life creep into dreams and with their toxic views shake back to reality to protect me from my own worries. 

I wake on high alert with my heart racing. Slow to calm I grab my device to reconnect with real world which re-engages my fears and burdens of life, boring me back to sleep. 

I gotcha.

Oh Yay! Spring Break.

Starting off Spring Break 2017 with a bang. Boundaries, responsibility, accountability, and reckless behavior, of others will not drown me. I refuse to fall victim to others’ failures.

Wow! A blog.

Wow! a blog. Do people still “blog”? Long long time since posting to this blog. Surprised I remembered the password. 

Lots happened since my last post. Not that anyone is reading this blog. But yeah, our daughter just turned 10 years old. Another Wow! Time flies. We are hoping to move out of our first home in a couple years so I’ve slowly getting our house in tip top shape. Just keeping up is still a struggle. 
The political landscape has changed our lives all over the USA. I find myself having to sensor a lot my opinions around many family, friends, and coworkers. I don’t post much to facebook anymore. Read even less there and the so-called news. 

So that leaves me to my crafts of music, songs, art, and once again web design. Which brought me back here.

If you are reading this, send a message or comment. Is anyone out there? Is there anybody in there?